“Campo de Batalha” (Battlefield) is a programme by the Porto Municipal Theatre (TMP) aimed at presenting new creative work in which risk, indiscipline and error can and must be evident. The programme is intended for creators aged 30 and under, who have premiered fewer than two pieces of work.
“Battlefield” is designed as a space for experimentation, discovery, development and the presentation of work which is being premiered or is yet to be presented in Porto, enabling access to the conditions and facilities essential for the production of new work.
The work selected will be developed and presented on the stages or unconventional spaces at the two venues – Rivoli and Campo Alegre – belonging to the TMP. 

Conditions of Presentation

1. Co-production costs to be defined;
2. use of a stage or unconventional space at the two venues – Rivoli and Campo Alegre – of the TMP according to availa- bility and analysis of the working plan;
3. use of support and technical equipment according to availabil- ity and analysis of the working plan;
4. support with promoting and publicising the project’s development and presentation;
5. use of the front of house team for presentations.

Target Audience
Young Portuguese creators who have yet to premiere more than two shows (in the fields of dance, music, performance art, installation art, video, new circus, etc.)

How to Apply
Applications should be sent until 28th February 2018 via email to (Rute Pimenta) under the subject heading “Battlefield” with a project file containing a synopsis, technical specifications, bios, images/links or video, or by regular mail to Teatro Municipal do Porto – Rivoli, Praça D. João I, 4000-295 Porto, care of Rute Pimenta.

Selection Process
Applications will be selected to develop and present during season 2018 / 2019. The number of recitals will be decided after studying the project, the presentation space and the anticipated audience. The projects may use other sources of institutional support to help with their development. Applications received will be analysed by an internal TMP jury and also by an outside jury. An interview may be held before a final decision is taken and the TMP reserves the right not to select any project if the applications presented do not meet the objectives established.
For more information, please contact Rute Pimenta by email at or by telephone at +351 223 392 200.