FIMP 2018

International Puppet Festival of Porto

This isn’t just another year when Teatro Municipal do Porto hosts FIMP – Porto International Puppet Festival. This edition celebrates one of the city’s historical festivals, whose programme has been modernised and adjusted to the times and audiences, thus dignifying and enlarging the prospects for puppets and animated forms theatre. 
The importance of that is recognised as the complicity among the team is also built up. Its ability to renew itself and overcome all the hardships of the current situation is remarkable.
FIMP 2018 opens at TMP with “Sans Objet” [Without Object], by Compagnie 111/Aurélien Bory, a play on the relation between man and machine and the imagery of robots. Cláudia Dias’ latest creation, “Quarta-Feira: O Tempo das Cerejas” [Wednesday: The Time for Cher- ries], and the winner of the Isabel Alves Costa Creativity Grant, “Fogo Lento” [Low Heat], by Costanza Givone, also go up on stage together with returning companies such as Playground (Xavier Bobés), or Alma d’Arame with its multimedia experiments. This year we also cel- ebrate two anniversaries: Teatro de Marionetas do Porto reaches 30 and Limite Zero 15. They’re both pivotal companies in this field, and they are both in very good health. The programme includes other activities, and it mirrors the artists’ worries on issues like the passing of time, the way it affects our collective living, and the fate of mankind and of its technical inventions.

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