FITEI 2018

The programme tried not to be patronising, nor to speak in someone else's place. We tried to take into consideration the other and to keep the diversity of styles and generations that has been the hallmark of the festival. “Caranguejo Overdrive” [Crab Overdrive], by Aquela Cia., and “Altíssimo” [Sky-high], by Pedro Vilela (both from Brazil), “Mendoza”, by Los Colochos (from Mexico) and the residence of “Yo escribo y vos dibujás” [I Write and You Draw] that marks the return of Federico León (from Argentina) are strong international attractions in this year’s event. Then there’s the new play by Victor Hugo Pontes, “Margem” [Margin], based on Jorge Amado’s “Capitães da Areia” [Captains of the Sands], adapted by Joana Craveiro and with a cast of teenagers, and the new play by Marco Martins, “Provisional Figures: Great Yarmouth”, looking at the increase of Portuguese immigrants coming to that small English town in the last decade. Four female directors/creators — Sara Barros Leitão, Ana Luena, Raquel S. and Diana de Sousa — premiere their latest works during the festival. Luís Araújo questions sustainability in “Pulmões” [Lungs] and André Amálio takes on post-colonialism in his trilogy.