La Nuit Tous Les Chats Sont Gris

With Choreography by Laurence Yadi e Nicolas Cantillon (Cie 7273)

Prčmiere ⁄ Coproduction


Fri 17 FEB / 9:30pm

RIVOLI Grand Auditorium

 7,50 EUR • 12yrs+


Artistic directors Laurence Yadi and Nicolas Cantillon
Artistic assistant Daniela Cruz
Performers Melissa Ugolíni, Marie Khatib-Shahidi, Sérgio Noé Quintela and Rosana Ribeiro
Music Maurice Louca
Technical Director Ricardo Alves
Creation trainees Ana Isabel Castro, Carlota Rodrigues and Maria Soares
Co-production Teatro Municipal do Porto, Culturgest
Production Companhia Instável
Approx. duration 50 min.
“All cats are grey in the dark” is a proverb often used in nursery rhymes and children’s stories. This proverb is inspired, above all, in a physiological phenomenon: at night, when the light is low, the three types of cones in our retina, responsible for the day vision, are not sufficiently sensitive. The cones are replaced by rod cells, which provide night vision, but there is only one type that can distinguish colours. This is why all cats, whatever their real colour, seem to be grey. If facts are not illuminated, conclusions cannot be reached, because everything appears to be the same. Things are no longer beautiful, or ugly, or good or bad. The play “La nuit tous les chats sont gris” (All cats are grey in the dark) seeks to reinvent perception and interpretation of choreographic movement in semi-darkness. This project aims to create a multitude of sensations with regard to a choreographic act without a clear narrative. - Laurence Yadi and Nicolas Cantillon

Since the foundation of Compagnie 7273 (2003), Laurence Yadi and Nicolas Cantillon have created around twenty choreographic plays, all of which have toured internationally (Culturgest presented Simple proposition and Climax in 2006 and Romance-s in 2011). They regularly organise workshops in Switzerland and abroad, and are frequently invited to give dance classes to young dancers in professional training. They have received the Swiss Prize for Dance and Choreography and the Fondation Lietchi for the Arts award.

Companhia Instável is a structure funded by the Government of Portugal – Ministry of Culture/Directorate-General for the Arts. Its goals focus on the development of contemporary dance and the creation of professional opportunities for contemporary dance performers.


© Michel Cavalca