Costanza Givone

Fogo lento
Winning Project of the 3rd Bolsa de Criação Isabel Alves Costa


19 Fri 19.00h & 20 Sat 21.00h


5.00€ • >12 


Artistic direction
Costanza Givone
Dramaturgy and research
Raquel S.
Cocreation and performance
Costanza Givone
Ricardo Vaz Trindade

Light design and technical direction
Luis Ternus
Executive production
Susana Paixão
Video and photography
João Vladimiro
Teatro Municipal do Porto
FIMP — Festival Internacional de Marionetas do Porto Comédias do Minho 
This performance stems from the desire to look into the layers of history of everyday cooking habits.  
There’s dinner to prepare, an Italian woman and a Portuguese man, one table and notions such as identity or tradition in need of peeling and simmering to improve in meaning. Those were the ingredients Costanza Givone gathered to elaborate “Fogo Lento” [Low Heat].

Costanza Givone co-founded the company Zaches Teatro to further the study of the relation between the body and the object, the mask and the puppet. She has been working on projects involving the community as performer/co-creator alongside Madalena Vitorino and Aldara Bizarro since 2009. 
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