Premiere ⁄ Coproduction

FITEI 2018


THU 21 & FRI 22 Jun ⁄ 7:00PM

RIVOLI Small Auditorium

5,00EUR • 16yrs+  


A small room, strangely and irreproachably in order. An old clock is hanging on one of the walls.  
It chimes every morning, always at the same time. The night falls. A beautiful young woman with pale skin, a wig of black hair falling slightly below the chin and lips painted in red walks in, takes a pill and lies in bed, motionless. She is ready to be visited. “bela_adormecida” [sleeping_beauty] combines the traditional fairy tale and its insidious connection to somnophilia, calling for other literary references, but also devices evoking submission and domination protocols. Given that the “Sleeping Beauty” tale is extraordinarily capable of having several possible meanings, we search for signs of female maturity in a context of enchantment, eroticism and puberty. Thus, looking to summon an aura of frailty, exposure, perversion and voyeurism, “bela_adormecida” aims to question the way power is established between those who watch and those who are watched, between audience and actor, and the way that power may be negotiated.

Diana de Sousa has a degree in theatre from the School of Music andPerforming Arts, Porto. She also attended the Lisbon Theatre and Film School in the scope of the Vasco da Gama Programme, as well as the Higher Course on Artistic Education at the Polytechnic Institute of Portalegre. Her career as a performer includes “Bilingue” [Bilingual], directed by Pedro Zegre Penim and with dramaturgy by As far as theatre is concerned she worked with alo Amorim in “Pantagruel” (TEP / A Oficina), and with Fernando Rubio in “Todo lo que está a mi lado” [Everything by my side] (FITEI), and she was the lead character in “A cidade onde a chuva mora”, produced by Má Companhia/Teatro Assédio. She also featured in “RABBITS” presented at mala voadora. Concerning film, she worked with directors Vasco Mendes and Gabe Klinger. In 2017, she conceived and directed the project “Travessa da Espera”, whose first edition took place in the scope of the Cultura em Expansão Programme, supported by the Porto City Council. 
DIANA DE SOUSA - © Bruno Simão

© Bruno Simão