Premiere ⁄ Coproduction

Fri 15 & Sat 16 APR ⁄ 9.30pm

Auditorium • Campo Alegre

7,50 eur • Age Suitability 16yrs+

Duration approx. 1h30


“Because you are not cold, or hot, because you are warm, I vomit you from my mouth.”G.H., an acronym for any human being in all its forms but also a simple abbreviation of ‘Género Humano’ (Human Genre), devours its own self as language, due to the impossibility of narrating, a posteriori, its own impotence in describing a past, present, future event.  
The verbal and non-verbal languages are, at the same time, what keeps the being away from its own essence. They are, however, also the key to bringing them together, the instrument that can be used for touching the untouchable, for learning the secret of how to unearth the best and the worst of our human condition, which is now no more than human. Research into the (im)materiality of the body, our notions of identity and gender violence and the point of intersection of the imaginaries of Clarice Lispector, Jean-Paul Sartre, Simone de Beauvoir, Giorgio Agamben, Judith Butler and Paul B. Preciado, amongst others, allows one to give form, in the last resort, to Bernard Berenson’s premise: “a full life may be that in which one achieves such complete identification with the non-I that there is no longer an I to die”. 

PONTO TEATRO, Cultural Association, was founded in Porto, in 2011, by its artistic director Emanuel de Sousa. The association works to disseminate and produce contemporary performative art, focussing predominantly on creative theatre and on Portuguese and European drama. PONTO TEATRO's programme, which is structured around contemporary themes, encourages local and foreign artists, thinkers and creators toresearch, experiment and create transversely, particularly as regards the methodology employed in creating dramatic and post-dramatic theatre, amongst other complementary fields of action in the performance arts.