Kubik (aka Victor Afonso) and Joclécio Azevedo

Wed 30 Sep / 9:30pm

Understage • Rivoli

Single price 2,00 eur • Age Suitability 12yrs+
Duration approx. 45 min
Concept Kubik (aka Victor Afonso) and Joclécio Azevedo
Sound track and Live music Kubik (aka Victor Afonso)
Dancers André Mendes and Joana Castro
Collaboration Jérémy Pajeanc
Costumes Jordann Santos
Light design and operation Miguel Carneiro
Residency support Companhia Instável
Executive producer and Tour Circular Associação Cultural
Coproduced by Teatro Municipal do Porto and Circular Associação Cultural
In “Intermitências #2”, musician Kubik (aka Victor Afonso) and choreographer Joclécio de Azevedo join two dancers - André Mendes and Joana Castro - for a concert/performance at Teatro Municipal Rivoli’s understage. 
This meeting proposes a dialogue between musical and choreographic writing processes.

Joclécio Azevedo. His work crosses different artistic disciplines, but he has been intensely dedicated to choreography since 1999. He participates regularly in creative and research projects, integrating artistic residencies in different context, in Portugal and abroad.