A minha mãe peluda a uivar flashes
Premiere / Coproduction
Palcos Instáveis / Companhia Instável


Sat 27 JAN / 9:30pm


5,00EUR • 18yrs+  


Creation, direction, text and video José Diogo Nogueira
Performance José Diogo Nogueira and Alexandre Duarte
Original live music Vasco Oliveira
Make-up Madalena Campos Pacheco
Video assistant Cláudia Santos, Margarida Andresen
Photography Margarida Andresen
Approximate length 45 minutes 
“A minha mãe peluda a uivar flashes” [My hairy mother howling flashes] is the first performance by José Diogo Nogueira, who published the book of poems “O Gato Epiléptico” at the beginning of 2017. 
That was when his poetry entered the realm or performance, which is now widened; atrophy was seen as a ghoulish type of dance, and contortion as the most expressive of movements. “A minha mãe peluda a uivar flashes” is born from the same place: the body as a prison, the soul stuck to the flesh. The performance is about the scare of being no more than a head and a long tail. It’s a simple premise: the audience are asked to imagine that the room where the performance takes place is the inside of the artist’s head, and that when they enter it they’re entering his head, they’re stuck with him inside his skull. Four walls: one head. Four spotlights replicate the mental images running over each other, the tireless being alive.

José Diogo Nogueira is an artist from Porto. In January 2017, he published the book of poems “O Gato Epiléptico” at Língua Morta. He writes about moments of enlightenment, the beauty of atrophy, the prison of reality. “A minha mãe peluda a uivar flashes”, a poem he wrote to be danced, and that will premiere in the scope of Palcos Instáveis, is his first performance. 
JOSÉ DIOGO NOGUEIRA - © Margarida Andresen

© Margarida Andresen