Fri 26 Jan / 9:30pm & Sat 27 Jan / 7pm

RIVOLI Grand Auditorium

7,50EUR • 16yrs+


Text and direction Jorge Andrade
Assistant director Maria Jorge
Cast Bruno Huca, Isabél Zuaa, Jani Zhao, Jorge Andrade, Marco Mendonça, Tânia Alves and Welket Bungué
Scenography and costumes José Capela
Sound track Rui Lima and Sérgio Martins
Lighting Rui Monteiro
Stage photography José Carlos Duarte
Promotion image Marta Ramos
Promotion video Jorge Jácome and Marta Simões
Production director Joana Costa Santos
Production assistant Luna Rebelo
Production and communication assistant Jonathan da Costa
Cultural management Vânia Rodrigues
Artistic residency O Espaço do Tempo
Co-produced by Teatro Municipal do Porto, São Luiz Teatro Municipal and Theatro Circo
Approximate length 80 minutes 
The plan is to go to the Amazon to shoot a green soap opera. 
The planet could use one, people are interested, it is ethical, it is urgent, and there will be an audience. Since it would make no sense to handle an ecological issue in a non-ecological way, the making of this play will abide by strict raw material saving principles. Instead of coming up with new things, we’ll recycle what already exists: borrow the scenery, borrow the lighting design, paste already existing music, copy ideas from other plays to prevent waste, emit simple sounds rather than words, and do the same scene over and over instead of constantly create new ones. The play entails three narratives that will mix: the long history of ventures carried out in the Amazon, the story of the group of artists who go to the Amazon to make a green soap opera, and the soapopera’s plot. The group of artists re-enacting the forest exploitation venture that took place in the past insist on it being realistic, because... well, because nothing is what it seems.
— mala voadora 

As of 2017, mala voadora is a theatre company essentially engaged in producing plays, but whose activity includes a series of programmes taking place mainly in the former warehouse at Rua do Almada, in the heart of Porto. mala voadora was founded in 2003 by Jorge Andrade (director, actor and dramatist) and José Capela (scenic designer and architect), its two artistic directors. In 2013, they were joined by Vânia Rodrigues as management and programming coordinator, and by Joana Costa Santos who’s now the head of production. Aside from Portugal, mala voadora has performed in Germany, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Cape Verde, Scotland, the USA, Finland, France, Greece, England, Lebanon and Poland.
MALA VOADORA - © José Carlos Duarte

© José Carlos Duarte