Provisional Figures
Great Yarmouth

National Premiere ⁄ Coproduction

FITEI 2018


Fri 15 Jun ⁄ 9:30PM & Sat 16 jun ⁄ 7:00PM

RIVOLI Stage Grand Auditorium

7,50 EUR • 12YRS+ 


Direction Marco Martins
Produced by CCTAR – Centro de Criação para o Teatro e Artes de Rua
Performers Ana Moreira (Portugal), Ivan Ammon (Slovenia), Maria do Carmo Ferreira (Portugal), Pedro Cassimo (Mozambique), Peter Dewar (England), Richard Raymond (England), Robert Elliot (England), Sérgio Cardoso de Pinho (Portugal), Victoria River (England)
Concept and Dramaturgy Marco Martins
An original idea by Renzo Barsotti
Research Consultant Zé Pires
Movement and Theatre Workshops Nuno Lopes, Sara Carinhas, Romeu Runa and Victor Hugo Pontes
Assistant Director Rita Quelhas
Text Collaboration Gonçalo M. Tavares and Isabela Figueiredo
Photographic Research André Cepeda, Marco Martins and Sofia Bernardo
Graphic Design Studio Pyramid
Translation and Subtitles Tradioma, Gab. de Tradução e Interpretação, Lda.
Stage Design Fernando Ribeiro
Light Design Nuno Meira
Sound Design Sérgio Milhano
Production Director Sofia Bernardo
Assistant Producer Paula Coelho

Drill House
Artistic Director / Chief Executive Joe Mackintosh
Staff Angelica Urfano, Becca Clayton, Darren Cross, Denise George, Linda Willis, Nikolay Atanasov, Rima Kaminskaite, Sharon Sands, Siobhan Johnson, Taraneh Jahanpour and Veronica Stephens
A Creation by CCTAR – Centro de Criação para o Teatro e Artes de Rua
Co-commissioned by República Portuguesa – Cultura / Direção-Geral das Artes, Instituto Camões, Maria Matos Teatro Municipal, Teatro Municipal do Porto, SeaChange Arts
Supported by Brighton Festival, Norfolk & Norwich Festival & Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation (UK Branch), Arts Council England
Internationalization Support Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian
Online Artistic Residency :raum / Curated by Liliana Coutinho
Special thanks to Mariana Fonseca, Guilherme Branquinho, André Príncipe, Sr. Joaquim, Samuel and Daniela from Galante Cafe Restaurant & Bar, Rita Arnaut and Arena Ensemble
Provisional Figures is the name used in statistical studies to classify all migrants whose situation and status is undefined or provisional and who are currently working in the United Kingdom. 
Provisional Figures crowns a two-year research process with the Portuguese community living in Great Yarmouth, and invites audiences to reflect on identity and migration issues in an urban context severely hit by the economic crisis and consequent social unrest.
Although relatively unknown in Portugal, the darkest years of the economic crisis (2009-2014) were the height of this migration boom, which saw the large food processing plants (turkeys and chickens) in this Norfolk area as its ultimate destination, an area particularly hard hit by unemployment. Taking advantage of the decline of this coastal town, once a preferred holiday resort for the British, plants in the region took the accommodation available in hotels and semi-abandoned caravan sites as an opportunity for housing their new workers.
After working closely in Great Yarmouth with nine inhabitants of various nationalities over several months, Marco Martins brings us a show based on the individual testimonials of those who personally experience this period of uncertainty and adjustment, exploring the contradictions of human behaviour and the nature of the relationships between men and other animals.

Marco Martins was born in Lisbon in 1972. He is a contemporary Portuguese artist whose work covers film, visual arts and theatre. His films have been presented in major international festivals. “Alice” won the Directors’ Fortnight in Cannes, along with many other international awards. His latest feature film, “São Jorge” [Saint George], was in competition at the Venice Film Festival. In 2007, he founded his theatre company Arena Ensemble, with Beatriz Batarda, having since regularly presented plays in the most important national venues.