National Premiere ⁄ Partnership with Matéria Prima & Andrómeda

Fri 24 Mar ⁄ 11pm

Understage • Rivoli

5,00 eur • 12yrs+


Nocturnal Emissions was formed by Nigel Ayers, his brother Daniel and his friend Caroline K in the late 70s from the ashes of their former band, The Pump. 
This experimental/industrial project, besides gaining cult status similar to that of British bands such as Throbbing Gristle, Nurse With Wound and Coil, was the only band to play a gig during the historic Brixton riots, in April 1981. In later decades, Nocturnal Emissions was transformed into a vehicle for the artistic expression of a single person, Nigel Ayers. Nocturnal is currently defined as a sound art project that combines various musical styles, such as electro-acoustic, musique concrète, sound collage, post-industrial music, ambient and noise music. After almost four decades of continuous activity, 2017 marks the debut of Nocturnal Emissions on Portuguese stages.