Público Reservado

Estava em casa e esperava que a chuva viesse


22 Sat 21.00h & 23 Sun 17.00h

CAMPO ALEGRE Stage Auditorium

7.50€ • >16 


Author Jean-Luc Lagarce
Translation Alexandra Moreira Silva
Staging Renata Portas
Set design Inês Mota / Renata Portas
Performed by Renata Portas, Silvia Santos, Maria Inês Peixoto, Raquel Cunha 
Light Design Diogo Mendes
Costumes Jordann Santos
Sound Design Pedro Sousa
Communication and Design lina&nando
Scenography Inês Mota
Video Record Frame
Photography Pedro Figueiredo
Executive Production Público Reservado/ Mafalda Garcia 
Support Les Solitaires Intempestifs, Assedio Teatro, ESAP, Teatro Nacional São João, FGDA

Aprox. duration 2h05
One house, five women.
A man who comes back to die, to say goodbye. Five women who ceased to exist (but not to want) the day the man turned the corner... “Estava em Casa e esperava que a Chuva viesse” [I Was Home Waiting for the Rain to Come] is a text on the experience of memory loss and reinvention. Here one looks for a place of intimacy to listen to the voices of these women who are but shadows, sound shapes.

Founded in 2013, Público Reservado stems from the need to consolidate the work of Renata Portas with steady collaborators, so as to systematise the artistic signs she has developed as a theatre director since 2006. It carries out experimental work, based on language and on research on theatre politics and its place as an independent discipline. 
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