RADAR 360º




SAT 14 OCT / 3pm & 5pm


Children 2,00EUR • Adults 5,00EUR • 6yrs+ 


Direção Artística António Oliveira
Interpretação António Oliveira
Dramaturgia e Encenação Julieta Rodrigues
Figurinos Julieta Rodrigues
Cenografia Nuno Guedes e Rui Azevedo
Desenho de Luz Pedro Teixeira
Sonoplastia e Desenho de Som Tiago Ângelo e Tiago Ralha
Vozes António Oliveira 
Direção e Operação Técnica Tiago Ralha e Rui Azevedo
Fotografia Teresa Couto e Luis Camanho
Coprodução Teatro Municipal do Porto, Centro Cultural de Belém e Radar 360 Associação Cultural
Apoios Instituto Politécnico do Porto, Teatro Municipal do Porto, Circolando e Teatro de Ferro
Duração aprox. 50 mins  
“Manipula#Som” is a circus visual concert.
The project’s artistic language stems from the dialogue between object manipulation and interactive music. We add sound to the visual expression of juggling, and at the same time we address sound as matter capable of being sculpted and manipulated. The manipulator’s gesture has been perfected, and is ready to unleash sequences, mechanisms, rhythms, and other sound and visual patterns. The objects undergo changes and recreate themselves around us. Our bodies engage with them and play... All of it is heard and composed. — Radar 360º

Radar 360º • Since the late 1990s, António Oliveira and Julieta Rodrigues, founders and artistic directors of the company Radar 360º, have dedicated themselves to research and writing in the street arts, contemporary circus and physical theatre field. In 2004, they attended the Advanced Training in Itinerant Street Arts at FAI-AR, a French institution based in Marseille. It inspired them to create Radar 360º, which was officially born in 2005. In 2006, the company starts working at Fábrica da Rua da Alegria, in the city of Porto, with the institutional support of IPP and ESMAE. It has been constantly travelling since its foundation, holding workshops and performing in several countries. 
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