In partnership with Amplificasom

Sat 27 JAN / 11pm

Understage • Rivoli

5,00EUR • 12yrs+ 


Scott Kelly will bring to the Understage songs from albums such as “The Wake” or “The Forgiven Ghost in Me”, as well as a few unpublished songs. 
 Scott Kelly is more than the founder, lead singer, guitar player and songwriter of Neurosis, a collective from Oakland that over the last three decades asserted itself as one of the most innovating, upstanding and influential performers of heavy, experimental music. His vision also branches into projects such as Corrections House, Mirrors for Psychic Warfare and Tribes of Neurot, not to mention his solo endeavours that are perhaps where he exposes feelings of loss, redemption and resilience in the most visceral way in the form of a gloomy, minimalist and disconcertingly honest folk. Joined on stage by John Judkins, a multi-instrumentalist known for partnering with projects like Rwake or Today Is the Day.