FITEI 2019

8 — 25 MAY 2019



The 42nd edition of FITEI is dedicated to Decolo-nised Brazil. It is the first time its theme so clearly focuses on geographies and territories since the new artistic direction started looking at every edition of the festival also as a place of thematic reflexion. The Brazilian theatrical scene is undergoing both tremendous financing constraints and a thriving period of protest and inspiration. During FITEI 2018, we had already welcomed plays that are par-adigmatic of Brazilian creations in recent years, like “Caranguejo Overdrive”, by Aquela Cia., from Rio de Janeiro. In this edition, we will increase the number of pieces coming from our brother country, and the complementary activities shall gravitate around the theme — Decolonised Brazil— as usual.As always, the Festival divides into its traditional sections: Fitei Selection, This Is not a Fitei School, Open Fitei, and Fitei and Porto’s Schools. Included in TMP’s programme, FITEI will present Brazilian or Brazilian-directed plays, such as “Democracia” [Democracy], directed by Felipe Hirsch and based on “Facsímil”, by Chilean Alejandro Zambra, and “Odisseia” [Odyssey], produced by Cia. Hiato and directed by inspired director and playwright Leonar-do Moreira from São Paulo. FITEI will also bring to TMP André Amálio, returns with “Amores Pós-Co-loniais” [Pos-Colonial Love]. A Turma will present the performance “Pela Água” [Crossing the Water], and there’s also “Seattle”, by Lama, and “Don Juan Esfaqueado na Avenida da Liberdade” [Don Juan Stabbed on Liberty Avenue], directed by Pedro Gil. As usual, we’ll have exhibitions, documentaries and trainings, this time contemplating Brazil.This is the first year of the + Programmers Week, which is organised in close collaboration with Fes-tival DDD. It features Portuguese creators from the fields of theatre, dance, performance, installation and music over the course of five days of intense ar-tistic programming, and stands at the point of con-vergence of the two festivals.