Raul Maia & Thomas Steyaert

The Ballet of Paul Ace and Sunny Lovin
National premiere
Portugal / Belgium
DDD – Festival Dias da Dança 2019


4 Sat 17.00h & 5 Sun 15.00h

CAMPO ALEGRE Stage Auditorium

5.00€ • 1.00h • >12  


Concept and performance Thomas Steyaert, Raul Maia
Sound Peter Kutin, Raul Maia,Thomas Steyaert
Set design Raul Maia,Thomas Steyaert
Light deisgn Sabine Wiesenbauer
Costumes Irma Saje
Production assistant Clélia Colonna
With the support of Wild Card / Life Long Burning
Artistic residencies Jatka 78, Tala Dance Center, Espaço do Tempo, Sítio / Casa do Pombal, Teatro Municipal do Porto, Im Flieger
Coproduction WUK, Im-Flieger 
The Ballet of Paul Ace and Sunny Lovin is the 3rd stage work by Raul Maia and Thomas Steyaert.
As in all of their previous works “nonrepresentational physical communication” is the artistic practice at the source of all performed materials. The practice aims at developing forms of physical communication/language between performers without the use of recognizable gestures. Each new work is a reformulation of this practice into a new aesthetic experience.

Raul Maia is a Portuguese dance/performance artist working between Porto and Vienna. His focus as a maker is in creating frames for physical behavior practices, from which physical language can arise and be re-contextualized into an artistic object.

Thomas Steyaert is a movement artist based in Sarajevo and Brussels. Together with Raul Maia, one of his close artistic partners, he develops a project that explores the artistic practise and multiple output potentiality of non-representational pyhisical communication between performers.
Raul Maia & Thomas Steyaert - © DR

© DR