Ongoing Projects

Every year we have undertaken a long term project, always with specific groups of participants. The projects can focus on different artistic fields, and they allow for a continuing practice over several months. They also encourage sharing among the group, and raising awareness and acknowledgement that performing arts can and must be for all. This season’s long term project, “O Amigo Secreto” [The Secret Friend], challenges and questions the holders of the Teatro Municipal do Porto’s Friend Card on the concept of “friendship” and on what it means, after all, to be friends with a theatre. 

Spectator workshop

For children aged 8 to 12
Our proposal to this group is to jointly watch the performances presented in the scope of Paralelo. After each performance, Tomás Carneiro, from Filosofia Pública [Public Philosophy], challenges them to question and find the several perspectives performing arts enable.

For youngsters aged 15 to 18
Every month this group watches performances hosted by Teatro Municipal do Porto, and they also have the opportunity to carry out exclusive activities in relation to the performances they attend.



Twenty Minutes

“Twenty Minutes” is a Teatro Municipal do Porto project taking place during the 2018/2019 school year and involving final-year students at one of Porto’s following art schools: ACE – School of Arts; balleteatro; ESAP – Porto Higher School of Art, and ESMAE – School of Music and Performing Arts. Its main goal is to present new creations developed and performed exclusively by students.