Guided Tours
I'm Going!

These services are occasional and happen by booking previously. These specific programmes are dedicated to audience involvement, to approach and sensitize to the performing arts, promoting a different experience for those who book them. 


Teatro Municipal do Porto opens the doors to its two venues, Rivoli and Campo Alegre, so as to uncover their backstage. A guided tour that raises awareness of these two theatres, the work carried out and the teams. Free upon prior application.

[I’m Going!]

The “Eu Também Vou!” [I’m Going!] project, implemented by Teatro Municipal do Porto, enables children aged 5 to 10 to accompany the adults whenever they watch a performance at Rivoli’s Great Auditorium not suited for their age. This project, however, is a performing “babysitting”, i.e., the young ones do something in relation to the performance the old ones are watching within the same artistic field, working on the same topic, only in a way that suits their age. Requires prior application at least 24 hours in advance.