Ballet de l'Opéra de Lyon / Lucinda Childs & Trisha Brown

Dance + Set and Reset ⁄ Reset
National Premiere


16 Sat 19.00h & 17 Sun 17.00h

RIVOLI Grand Auditorium

10.00€ • >6



Coreography Lucinda Childs
Music Philip Glass ©1979 Dunvagen Music Publishers Inc.
Costumes A. Christina Giannini
Light Beverly Emmons
Original film concept Sol LeWitt
Performed by 17 bailarinos, criada em 1979 Entrada no repertório do Ballet de l’Opéra de Lyon em 2016

Set and Reset / Reset

Coreography (1983) Trisha Brown
Making (2017) Brandi Norton et Katrina Warren
From the original idea of Robert Rauschenberg
Music Laurie Anderson
Set design Michael Meyers
Costumes Adeline André
Light Patrice Besombes
Piece for 8 dancer
Original Version  de Set and Reset criada em 1983 por Trisha Brown Company
Version Ballet de l’Opéra de Lyon (Set and Reset / Reset) de 2005

Approx. duration 1.20h (with break)
Dance • This 1979 choreography is considered to be one of the most important ones in the history of postmodern dance, a minimalist movement that emphasises the body’s intrinsic language. Performed by 17 dancers, this piece produces a euphoric passion for recurring patterns, with the dancers sliding, hopping and whirling time and time again. The Lyon Opera Ballet reworked the choreography, and in this performance the movements are enlarged by screening the original film directed by Sol LeWitt, thereby creating a hypnotic duplicate.

Set and Reset ⁄ Reset • “Set and Reset / Reset” is synonymous with a truly contemporary gesture. The original set design created by visual artist Robert Rauschenberg was reworked in 2005, when it was included in the repertoire of the Lyon Opera Ballet. Even if it abides by strict guidelines, the piece generates an expressive flow bordering improvisation. It is a postmodern dance manifesto—with original music by Laurie Anderson—modified by the Lyon Opera Ballet.

The Lyon Opera Ballet is a company created within the Lyon National Opera in France. Its repertoire currently comprises 117 pieces, half of which are its own creations. The list of choreographers who have worked in Lyon bears witness to the importance of the French dance pioneering generation (including names such as Mathilde Monnier and Jean-Claude Gallotta) and its followers (from Jérôme Bel to Christian Rizzo, from Alain Buffard to Rachid Ouramdane).
Ballet de l'Opéra de Lyon / Lucinda Childs & Trisha Brown - © Jaime Roque dela Cruz

© Jaime Roque dela Cruz