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Blitz Theatre Group

Late night
National Premiere





When everything falls apart, what can we do? Perhaps wait… and wait for time to go by. But why not make the most out of that time, and dance and listen to music? This is an apocalyptic world inhabited by three men and three women. Apparently they’re left with their gala outfits and their memories. They dance one waltz after another as if it were a matter of life and death. What are they waiting for? Or to put it better… What are they looking for as everything collapses?

The blitz theatre group is a collective created in 2004 by three artists: Yorgos Valais, Angeliki Papoulia and Christos Passalis. The group acknowledges that theatre is a field where people come together and exchange ideas, instead of a place of virtuosity and ready-made truths. There’s a need for answers as to what is art today.

© Vassilis Makris

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RivoliGrand Auditorium


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Author's bio text

Ficha Técnica

  • Direction Blitztheatregroup (Angeliki Papoulia, Christos Passalis, Yorgos Valais)
    Dramaturgy Blitztheatregroup / Angelos Skassilas
    Performed by Maria Filini, Ioanna Rabaouni, Angeliki Papoulia, Christos Passalis, Fidel Talaboukas, Yorgos Valais
    Assistance Direction Vasia Attarian
    Light Design Tasos Palaioroutas
    Coreography Yannis Nikolaidis
    Scenography E Birba
    Custome Vassilia Rozana
    Management / Production Maria Dourou, Judith Martin / Ligne Directe
    Production Onassis Cultural Center, Blitztheatregroup
    Coproduction La Filature –Scène Nationale de Mulhouse
    Aprox. duration 1h30

    Spoken greek with portuguese subtitles

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