Sat 17 Mar / 4pm

RIVOLI Stage Grand Auditorium

Children 2,00EUR • Adults 5,00EUR • 6yrs+  


Directed and performed by Catarina Gonçalves e Filipe Caldeira 
Dramaturgy Joana Bértholo 
Visual Director Rita Westwood 
Rehearsals Assistant Cristina Planas Leitão 
Scenography Assitant Emanuel Santos 
Sound Design Filipe Lopes 
Lightning Design Cárin Geada 
Acknowledgements Constança Carvalho Homem e André Uerba
Co-produced by Teatro Municipal do Porto, São Luiz Teatro Municipal, Comédias do Minho, Circular Associação Cultural, Teatro Aveirense 
Approximate length 45 mins

“Lusco-Fusco” [Dusk] arises from the desire to share an experience on emptiness and what it may contain. 
Emptiness is nothing but air! What about boredom? What does the emptiness of everything being so full that we are not able to find anything look like? Could it be an event incubator? A shared finding of matter and body where light and the transition of time show us what is there to see in a relation of scale between us — the world and the opposites. “Lusco-Fusco” sees the will to slightly invent one’s own awe, and to this end it outlines a space that little by little becomes an invasion made out of the matter it allows us to transform and be transformed, move from place, carry with us, drag and set free. Let it be taken over by hands and feet and heads able to feel. The performers organise the body to disappear with the matter, disobey it and unlearn from it. They operate light and sound, and they inhabit a place open to the senses and to each child’s own perception.

Catarina Gonçalves focuses her dance work on contexts that question the social-political body and the relation between audience and performer. She has reached out to the community throughout her artistic career. She started her studies in the communication field, and she obtained a degree ineducation from the Higher School of Education (Lisbon, 2004). She later took a degree in performing arts – contemporary dance at the Higher School of Dance (Lisbon, 2007). She was the artist invited by Projecto EVA (Lisbon, 2010) to take action in the 6 de Maio and Armador neighbourhoods; she created “What the body knows that we don’t know” (DOCK11, Berlin, 2012) and the solo “Artistas à procura de um abrigo” (Todos Festival, Lisbon, 2013).

Filipe Caldeira (Vila do Conde, 1982) starts studying object manipulation empirically in the year 2000, focusing on the technique that presents a raw quality strongly influenced by the Finnish circus. He develops a specific interest in the synergy between body and object, repositioning himself within the hierarchical relation between those two elements. Over the years of practice his interest moves away from technical virtuosity in favour of the immaterial, the body and the voice as autonomous triggers. His stance on circus, dance and theatre became the object of self-questioning, resulting in a hybrid language and a distorted virtuosity of a body that is shaped and misshapen with experience. His first steps as a professional author and performer take place in 2005. He is artist in residence supported by Circular Associação Cultural since 2015