Premiere / Coproduction


FRI 25 MAY / 9:30PM & SAT 26 MAY / 7:00PM

RIVOLI Stage Grand Auditorium

7,50EUR • 16YRS+  


Fifty years after May 1968, Estrutura looks at that movement to create a play whose goal is to reflect upon the notion of revolution nowadays, to understand what is left of it politically, socially and artistically. What memory remained in the world, in society, in our minds, in our body? What imprints were left on the bodies of those born many years after that? “M’18” looks back to forecast the fifty years we’d like to see ahead of us. Looking at the past, questioning the present and fighting for a future. “Be realistic, demand the impossible.” 

Cátia Pinheiro and José Nunes founded Estrutura in 2009. It has created and produced theatre performances and training activities in dialogue with contemporary thinking, fostering artistic experimentation and a collaborative mind-set. Its most recent work includes “Uma Gaivota” [A Seagull], “Geocide”, “The End” and the training programme “Recurso” [Resource] (2018). It collaborated with institutions such as Teatro Municipal do Porto, São Luiz Teatro Municipal and Centro Cultural Vila Flor, among others.