Felipe de Assis, Leonardo França & Rita Aquino

Looping: Bahia Overdub
National premiere
DDD – Festival Dias da Dança 2019


24 Wed 22.00h

RIVOLI Stage Grand Auditorium

5.00€ • 1.30h • >18


Direction Felipe de Assis, Leonardo França, Rita Aquino
Music Mahal Pita, Felipe de Assis
Live music Felipe de Assis, Mahal Pita
Performers Fábio Osório, Jai Bispo, Jaqueline Elesbão, Lais Oliveira, Fábio Oliveira, Leonardo França, Rita Aquino, Talita Gomes
Set design TANTO Criações Compartilhadas
Costumes Flávia Couto
Light design Felipe de Assis, Rita Aquino and Rangell Souza
Audio Regivan Santa Bárbara
Photography Patrícia Almeida
Production Felipe de Assis
Light technician Rangell Souza

Performance with standing audience
Looping: Bahia Overdub: party, dance and politics.
The “festas do largo” of Salvador and its contradictions are the predominant landscape of Looping: Bahia Overdub, a show that emerged from the meeting between sound thinking and choreographic thinking. Looping constitutes a study of time: repetition and accumulation. Movements of cultural tension and distension, through procedures that organize sonorities, bodies and spaces. Just like in the streets, what’s at play here is the collective arrangements through an aesthetic-political participation. 

Looping: Bahia Overdub is a collaborative creation directed by Felipe de Assis, Leonardo França and Rita Aquino. The work is the joint creation of independent artists whose trajectories cross between dance, theatre and music. Their multidisciplinary practices articulate creation, production, research, formation and curatorship in different performing contexts.
Felipe de Assis, Leonardo França & Rita Aquino - © Patricia Almeida

© Patricia Almeida