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DDD 2019


To Da Bone

National Premiere ⁄ Coproduction





“TO DA BONE” tries to ask itself about the part the new media, mostly social networks such as Facebook or YouTube, can have in mobilising crowds and in creating opposition movements. The project is part of a long process started several years ago on what they call themselves ͚post-internet dances͛: the Hardstyle movement as well as some Hard-Dances like the Tekstyle, the Shuffle, the Hakken and particularly the Jumpstyle. Very intense and physical for dancers, each Jumpstyle sequence lasts for about 25 seconds. Jumpers film their sequences and post them online to share their passion but also their progress with their community. Associations are created to form groups inside of a community that can face each other through virtual battles. For this project (LA)HORDE brings together 10 international jumpers and dancers from Canada / France / Hungary / Netherlands / Poland / Ukraine who only know each other through internet and social networks. The challenge is to push the codes of the jumpstyle and to overcome individual exhaustion. 

(LA)HORDE is a collective of three artists: Marine Brutti, Jonathan Debrouwer and Arthur Harel. Their body of work is developed through film direction, video installation, performance, stage direction and choreographic creation. (LA)HORDE creates unstable universes and mesmerising fictions that challenge the viewer into his way of experiencing and apprehending the artwork. Their leitmotiv is to question and swap the codes of different artistic scenes as contemporary art and living art. 

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