Lama - João de Brito

FITEI – Festival Internacional de Teatro de Expressão Ibérica 2019


21 Tue 19.00h & 22 Wed 21.00h


5.00€ • 1.00h • >12  


Creator and artistic director João de Brito
Dramaturgy Statt Miller
Cast Diana Nicolau, José Pimentão, Jorge Albuquerque e João Pedro Dantas
Music Cristóvão Campos
Set design and costumes Rita Prata and Sara Marques
Lighting design Tasso Adamopoulos
Video and documentary Diogo Simão
Set photography José Sena Goulão
Graphic design Bruno Silva
Communication Patrícia Lages
Executive production Margarida Mata
Support Faro Municipal Council, Algarve Informativo, Cia. JGM, Dora Santos, Escola de Mulheres, Largo Residências, Rua FM, Teatro Ibérico and teatromosca
Special thanks CPBC – Companhia Portuguesa de Bailado Contemporâneo
Produced by LAMA
“Seattle” has its own weather, which is managed by the characters’ inner landscape.  
The dynamics and Chekhovian ambience point to the cold, to days going by always the same, and to the difficulty of parting ways with those spaces one remembers and where one interacted and shared. In Seattle, both hands and hearts freeze, and the imposing rain is a soul storm, the same inhabiting and inhaling the grunge spirit one experiences here. Seattle is the metaphor of dreams, of those that are just a memory of a place one never inhabited anyhow. The passing of time and the rhythm of days come across as a paradoxical escape that only postpones the inevitable facing of change. This scenic experiment lasts roughly one hour, and it is a synecdoche of a movement as fleeting as Kurt Cobain and company’s movement. “Better to burn at one go than to extinguish little by little.”       

João de Brito has a degree in theatre (actors training) from the Lisbon Theatre and Film School. He co-created the performances “Carripana”, “NOVO_Título Provisório”, “Ainda Assim”, “A História que não queria ser Livro”, “Habitamus”, “T.3”, “JBWB -900”, “És-passos” and “Brilharetes”. He staged the performances “Cataplay”, “Leonce und Lena” [Leonce and Lena], by Georg Buchner, “Manuel In”, “Actrizes”, based on Lucien Lambert, Chekhov, Oscar Wilde and Voltaire, “Barafunda”, based on Raul Brandão, and “Comida”, by Miguel Castro Caldas. He regularly works in television and film. He co-founded and is the artistic director of LAMA.

Lama - João de Brito - © Mariana Silva

© Mariana Silva