mala voadora

A manual on work and happiness


9 Sat 16.00h

CAMPO ALEGRE Stage Auditorium

2.00€ (children and school groups) • 5.00€ (adults)


Concept for the manual and direction Jorge Andrade, assisted by Maria Jorge
Text Pablo Gisbert
Cast Vítor d’Andrade and a group of local participants
Set design José Capela with image editing by António MV
Lighting design Rui Monteiro
Costumes making Aldina Jesus
Set photography José Carlos Duarte
Promotional video Jorge Jácome and Marta Simões
Co-produced by Artemrede (Portugal), Pergine Spettacolo Aperto (Italy), Arboreto Teatro Dimora (Italy), Patras Municipal and Regional Theatre (Greece)
Co-financed by European Union Creative Europe programme

Approximate length 70 minutes 
A group of people follow an instruction manual to carry out a performance. Putting together a performance, as enjoyable as it may be, involves work.
In order to entertain themselves, as well as the audience, they tell stories. They speculate on what work may look like in the future: who’ll do it, how and for whom. And that is how—half working, half discussing work—they’ll look for happiness. The manual needed to deliver the performance will be available at One will be able to download all the necessary information for free (staging guidelines, as well as Pablo Gisbert’s texts and printable images to build the scenario), and any group of people anywhere in the world will be able to create their own version. This performance by mala voadora involves a group of non-actors, who experience performing work for a few weeks under the direction of Jorge Andrade.  

mala voadora was founded by Jorge Andrade and José Capela, and it presented its first performance in 2003. Aside from Portugal, mala voadora has performed in Germany, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Cape Verde, Scotland, the USA, Finland, France, Greece, England, Lebanon, Luxembourg and Poland. In 2013, it inaugurated the building at Rua do Almada (Porto). In 2018, mala voadora enters a new era in its journey, creating and programming in an integrated way.
mala voadora - © José Carlos Duarte

© José Carlos Duarte