Mostra Estufa - © Philippe Deutsch

© Philippe Deutsch



23 Fri 19.00h & 24 Sat 17.00h

Teatro Campo Alegre

5.00€ • 12.00€ (Joint ticket Grande — Tsirihaka Harrivel & Vimala Pons + Mostra Estufa)

Mostra Estufa

Erva Daninha

Contemporary Circus
Mostra Estufa - © Philippe Deutsch

© Philippe Deutsch

Mostra Estufa is the result of Erva Daninha and Teatro Municipal do Porto’s shared desire to make room for new contemporary circus languages, aesthetics and dramaturgies. 
It is a lab that makes i possible for new creators or emerging proposals to appear, thus contributing to the development of this discipline, especially at the national level. Like a greenhouse, it aims to provide the optimum conditions to incubate research on forms and contents, and for technical experimentation. The 2018 edition comprises new projects, which are either premieres or rather close to their final version. 

Fase dispersa
Teresa Santos


Daniel Seabra

Décorps d’Intérieur
Ana Jordão & Jeanine Ebnother Trott

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