Pablo Fidalgo Lareo - © Luis Nocete

© Luis Nocete


25 Fri 21.00h & 26 Sat 19.00h

RIVOLI Stage Grand Auditorium

7.50€ • >16 

Pablo Fidalgo Lareo

National Premiere

Pablo Fidalgo Lareo - © Luis Nocete

© Luis Nocete

In the summer of 2005, four young theatre students decide to live together in a neighbourhood in Madrid and to build a group biography by living, eating, writing and sleeping together.  
This is an unfolding story, one that ends as all community stories do. On stage, three group members (named 1, 2 and 3) talk about 0, who vanished some time ago with no promises of coming back to the house. Lacking name and identity, word and movement, they will reconstruct a complex story full of power games where no one is treated right and familiar patterns based on silence and fear are reproduced.

Pablo Fidalgo Lareo (Vigo, 1984) is a writer, theatre maker and independent curator. He has presented his work in several countries and festivals all over the world. He created the theatre plays “O estado salvaxe, Espanha 1939” [The Wild State. Spain 1939] (2013), “Habrás de ir a la guerra que empieza hoy” [You’ll Be in the War that Begins Today] (2015), elected best performance of the year by the daily newspaper Público, and “Daniel Faria” (2016). He is the artistic director of the Escenas do Cambio festival at the City of Culture, in Santiago de Compostela.
Text and Artistic Director Pablo Fidalgo Lareo
Performance Rocío Berenguer, Ángela Millano, Cláudio da Silva
Light design Cláudia Rodrigues e Pablo Fidalgo
Technical direction Cláudia Rodrigues
Coreography assistance Flora Detraz
Sound João Bento
Production and Diffusion Coordenation O Rumo do Fumo
Executive Production and Assistant Director Amalia Area
Photography Luis Nocete
Coproduction Maria Matos Teatro Municipal, Théâtre de la Ville - Paris, Teatro Municipal do Porto, Centro Dramático Galego/Agadic/Xunta de Galicia, Festival BAD Bilbao, MA Scène Nationale - Pays de Montbéliard et Le Granit, Scène Nationale de Belfort
Support Câmara Municipal de Lisboa / Polo Cultural Gaivotas, EGEAC, Causas Comuns, Teatro do Elétrico, Festival de Otoño de Madrid, Marche Teatro / Villa Nappi Residences and NAVE Santiago de Chile, Câmara Municipal da Moita/Centro de Experimentação Artística (Vale da Amoreira)