Quintas de Leitura -

14 Thu 22.00h


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Quintas de Leitura

Esse fado vaidoso

Maria do Rosário Pedreira returns to “Quintas de Leitura” and shares with us a less-known side of her literary work: fadolyrics. In the last few years, this poet has in fact written dozens of lyrics for famous Portuguese fado singers. 
We’re talking about Aldina Duarte, Carlos do Carmo, Ricardo Ribeiro, Ana Moura, Carminho, Cristina Branco, Pedro Moutinho and António Zambujo, among others. Consequently, the session brings together important people with ties to fado, such as Rui Vieira Nery, who’ll chat with the poet in this regard. António Zambujo will also certainly include in his repertoire some of the lyrics our guest wrote for him. Pedro Teixeira Neves is in charge of the session’s image. He’ll present us with the result of a photographic journey through typical Lisbon fado houses, such as A Casa da Mariquinhas, Café Luso, Boteko, Adega dos Fadistas, Adega Machado, O Faia and Tasca do Jaime, among others. Jorge Mota, Pedro Lamares and fado singer Patrícia Costa will do the reading together with Rosário Pedreira. There will still be time for a new circus performance featuring dancer and trapeze artist Joana Martins. 
Maria do Rosário Pedreira
Rui Vieira Nery
António Zambujo
Pedro Teixeira Neves
Jorge Mota
Pedro Lamares
Patrícia Costa
Joana Martins