Sonoscopia & Teatro de Ferro



29 Fri 21.00h & 30 Sat 21.00h


7.50€ • ≈1.00h • >12


Concept and project management Gustavo Costa
Staging, set design and dramaturgy Igor Gandra
Visual execution and building Eduardo Mendes
Lighting design Mariana Figueiroa
Composer and director Gustavo Costa
Performers Adriana Romero, Alberto Lopes, Carla Veloso, Eduardo Mendes, Gustavo Costa, Henrique Fernandes,  Igor Gandra, Jorge Quintela and Tiago Ângelo
Electronics and programming support Tiago Ângelo
New instruments by Alberto Lopes, Henrique Fernandes, Gustavo Costa
Video Jorge Quintela
Scenography, puppets and costumes Eduardo Mendes, Hernâni Miranda, Gonçalo Silva (estagiário Escola Profissional Do Centro Juvenil de Campanhã), Solveig Phyllis Rocher, Américo Castanheira
Executive production Carla Veloso e Patrícia Caveiro
Production Sonoscopia, Teatro de Ferro
Co-produced by Teatro Municipal do Porto
Partnership 23 Milhas
Special thanks Hugo de Almeida Pinho, Regina Guimarães

Approximate length 60 minutes 
“W” is a staged concert for puppets, robotic orchestra and video based on the topic of work, human liberation and rationales of power, subjugation and domination that started with the making of Phobos – Dysfunctional Robotic Orchestra. 
These issues were presented in a subliminal and essentially musical way in the original concept of Phobos. They now move on to a clear dramaturgical realm, which is enhanced by text, gesture, body, video and scenic space, strengthening and highlighting all the developed sound elements.

Sonoscopia is an association that creates, produces and promotes artistic and educational projects, focusing on experimental music, sound research and their interdisciplinary crossings. Since it was created in 2011, Sonoscopia has produced over 500 events, artistic creations, educational activities and publications in around 20 European countries, and also in the United States, Lebanon, Brazil, Japan, United Arab Emirates and Tunisia. The following creative projects stand out: Phonambient, INsono, Phobos – Dysfunctional Robotic Orchestra and Phonopticon. Sonoscopia has the support of the Portuguese Republic – Culture/General Directorate of Arts.

Teatro de Ferro was established in 1999. Initially intended as a label for the creations of Igor Gandra and Carla Veloso, the project gradually evolved into a professional company that has been working with puppets and objects. Our practice is based on research whose matrix is the puppet with its possible, attempted and tempting hybridisations. The relation between the body-performer and the manipulated object, and the commitment of each spectator to build that same relation constitute lines of thinking that are always present in our artistic practice. The performances we carry out must adopt theatrical and dramaturgical forms that place the word on an equal footing with other languages. One of the distinguishing features of this artistic project is the promotion of Portuguese contemporary playwriting, and therefore the company has mostly been working with original texts by Portuguese authors.
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