Tiago Correia / A Turma

Pela água
FITEI – Festival Internacional de Teatro de Expressão Ibérica 2019


21 Tue 21.00h


7.50€ • ≈1.20h • >14 


Text and direction Tiago Correia
Cast Eduardo Breda, João Melo
Set design Ana Gormicho
Costumes Sara Miro
Lighting design Rui Monteiro
Sound design and operation Pedro Lima 
Original music Les Saint Armand
Lighting set-up and operation José Diogo Cunha
Image Francisco Lobo
Graphic design Inês Ferreira
Produced by A TURMA
Producer Sandra Carneiro / Marca-d’água
“Pela Água” [Crossing the Water] is an original text by Tiago Correia, which was published in 2017 by Imprensa Nacional-Casa da Moeda as a result of having won the SPA / Teatro Aberto Portuguese Theatre Award.  
“Pela Água” discusses love and its mismatches. An intense, puzzling, yet clear dialogue between two men of the same woman. Different ages, different experiences, so much and so little in common. A joint meditation on human relations that furthers the power of words in a dialogue dominated by the absence of that woman, and by love. “Pela Água” is an intimate piece, full of revelations and confidences, which raises existential, social, generational and relational issues, such as lacking future prospects, overcoming one’s idols, confronting paradigm shifts from one generation to another, and criticising the traditional family structure. It also brings about feminist issues by empowering the female figure, and doing so based on an absent key character.

Tiago Correia
, Tomar, 1987. Has a degree in theatre-acting from ESMAE (Porto). Founded the theatre company A Turma in 2008. Has been teaching theatre-acting at ACE Famalicão since 2012. Singer-songwriter in the musical project Les Saint Armand. Received the Best Actor Award at Festival Ver e Fazer Filmes (with the short film “Até Amanhã”, by Gonçalo Ribeiro, 2012), the SPA / Teatro Aberto Portuguese Theatre Award 2016 (with “Pela Água”), a special mention at the Inatel New Theatre Plays Award 2018 (with “Ponto de Fuga”), and the SPA / Teatro Aberto Portuguese Theatre Award 2018 (with “Alma”).
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