Favela Discos
co-production with Matéria Prima


28 Sat 22.30h

RIVOLI Understage

7.00€ • ≈1.30h • >12 


Favela Discos takes over Rivoli’s under stage to present “2013: O Regresso” [2013: The Return], an operatic science fiction in three acts, which will also take place in some other 30.000 parallel universes.
This performance will carry the spectators in an extra-temporal journey through the multiverse where some of mankind’s greatest mysteries will be uncovered: Where are we? How did we get here? Where did I leave my car? What time is it? H’m?

Favela Discos is a restless collective dedicated to the publishing of music, production of events, management of artists, organisation of exhibitions and composition of audio-visual pieces. What distinguishes Favela’s artistic production is its informal and collaborative nature, as well as its multimedia and cross-disciplinary experimentation. They courageously sail upstream with bustling enthusiasm, rendering the city of Porto more comfortable.
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