Understage - © Daniel Mangosing

© Daniel Mangosing

5 Fri 22.30h

RIVOLI Understage

5.00€ • >12 


Prison Religion
coproduction with Lovers & Lollypops
United States of America

Understage - © Daniel Mangosing

© Daniel Mangosing

Prision Religion is the collaborative project of Richmond-based audio/visual artists Poozy and False Prpht. 
Working together since 2016, the duo have dived deep into the space between blown-out trap (2016’s Cage With Mirrored Bars) and contemporary destructive club music (2018’s O Fucc Im On The Wrong Planet). Since linking up with Texas-based experimental label Halcyon Veil, they've connected a global crews of likeminded collaborators for a remix album including Rabit, Endgame, Swan Meat, Lee Gamble and Bonaventure. With close ties to Richmond-based NON Worldwide, P_R are also ushering in a new wave of vocal-based club performance.