Workshop with Pilar López

La fiesta


27 Fri 19.00h

RIVOLI Rehearsal Room

Acess conditions 2.50€ or free (upon presentation of ticket for the performance)
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In this workshop we try to dance closer to the audience, by bringing together both professional and non-professional dancers.
The challenge is for everyone to be able to express themselves through movement and personal gestures, regardless of prior dance practice; to dance without thinking, without technical effort; and to share it with everyone by going up on stage. As far as those who have previous dance experience are concerned, I intend to have them going back to the simplicity of movement, seeking to find a new path that will enable naturalness to arise. The goal is to create a bodily link through dance, by learning from one another, and for every person to uncover his hidden gestures. The audience can teach: there’s the chance to learn from them, and at the same time to dance with everyone and to share artistic experiences. I see flamenco as a key that opens new rooms in all bodies. – Israel Galván
Workshop with Pilar López - Laurent Philippe

Laurent Philippe