Paulo Cunha e Silva

The reinstatement of Teatro Municipal do Porto was presented during the election campaign as a strategic priority of Rui Moreira for the four-year period of 2013-2017. With that purpose, the Culture Cabinet of the City Council of Porto conceived a project for Teatro Municipal, which was consolidated throughout the first semester of 2014 and officially inaugurated on September 12, 2014 with the reopening of one of its hubs - a symbol of the performing arts in the city and the country - Rivoli. 
Teatro Municipal do Porto carries out the mission we’ve defined for it: to present in both hubs - Campo Alegre and Rivoli - a programme oriented for dance, yet interdisciplinary, particularly focused on artists and cultural agents from Porto, as partner of the main theatres in the country and consistently related with contemporary international creation.
With a new director in charge of the programme, Teatro Municipal do Porto was reconstructed in the image of its city and is today a participated, critical and entrenched project in local culture, while remaining open to the world.