Mediation is one of Teatro Municipal do Porto’s main axes of action. Starting from the disciplinary diversity in its programme, TMP proposes face-to-face activities to create bridges between its audiences and the artistic works, references and teams that pass through its stages. Whether you're warming up, chatting, or diving, join us, before or after the performances.

To warm-up

Dancing is how we understand each other: before we watch a performance, it’s time for Aquecimento Paralelo [Parallel Warm-Up]. In this activity, we wear comfortable clothes, and discover, through experimenting and dancing, what we will see on stage. 
Parallel Warm-Up with Afonso Cunha

Parallel Warm-Up with Afonso CunhaWithin the scope of the new creation by Né Barros

18/02 sat 17:00 — 18:00
RIVOLIRehearsal Room
Parallel Warm-Up with Aura da Fonseca

Parallel Warm-Up with Aura da FonsecaWithin the scope of t u m u l u s

17/03 fri 17:00 — 18:00
RIVOLIRehearsal Room

To talk

Right after the performance, or in a book presentation, we can stay in our seats for a conversation open to all who want to participate. Can a conversation about a particular performance or book make us think of other performances and books, about us, our communities?
Post-performance talk

Post-performance talkWithin the scope of Tudo sobre a minha mãe

27/01 fri 21:00
CAMPO ALEGREStage Auditorium
O Meu Ministério da Educação

O Meu Ministério da EducaçãoWithin the scope of Má Educação – Peça em 3 rounds

18/03 sat 17:15
Portuguese Sign Language interpretation

To dive

Deepen, discover or complement. We invite students of performing arts and other areas to dialogue, listen and experience, in person, practices and experiences from a particular artist of the season.