Tickets offices

International performances 
Portuguese performances
Special reduce price

Paralelo programme perfomances

Family sessions
 Until 18
7.00€ Up to 18
(accompanying children have a 50% discount)

School sessions
2.50€ Student
Gratuito Teachers, assistants and accompanying technicians

Paralelo programme is not covered by the planned discounts.

4.00€ Rivoli (single price)
5.50€ Medeia Filmes at Teatro Campo Alegre (specific discounts available for pensioners, students, and holders of the Cartão Jovem or Tripass cards)

Teatro Rivoli
13.00h – 22.00h Tuesday – Friday 
14.30h – 22.00h Saturday 
Closes on Sundays with the exception of performance days. On performance days, the ticket office is open until 30 minutes after the beginning of the performance. On Sundays, the ticket office is open only on performance days (schedule to be defined).
+351 223 392 200


Teatro Campo Alegre

14.30h – 19h00 / 19.30h – 22.00h Monday – Sunday 

+351 226 063 000



Reservations must necessarily be collected within a period of not more than five days, after which they will be automatically cancelled. In case the reservations are made in the five days prior to the event, they will remain valid up to 72 hours before the event. No reservations will be made during the three days (72 hours) preceding the event.

Rivoli Alegre Friend Card

Rivoli Alegre Friend Card costs 2.50€ and you can get one when you buy tickets for two separate performances at the same time.
The discount associated with this card applies to one ticket only per performance.
It is valid for 1 year. 


get one 

The advantages of the Friend Card are:
50% discount on all performances at Teatro Municipal do Porto*
10% discount at Café Rivoli

*with the exception of performances in the scope of Paralelo – Approach Programme to Performing Arts, single-price performances and film screenings.


Other information

All venues can be accessed by and have designated seats for spectators with reduced mobility.
You are not allowed to enter the room after the performance has started, unless otherwise indicated by the ushers. In case you’re late and cannot enter, there will be no refund.
Free entry performances are subject to room capacity, and you may need to collect your ticket in advance.
Children under 3 can attend any performance rated “Para todos os públicos” [For all audiences] (Decree-Law no. 23/2014 of February 14).
Prior registration is required to attend a workshop. There will be a set number of vacancies. For information and applications, e-mail us at 
The information in this programme may be subject to changes due to unforeseen circumstances.


Friend Card, Porto City Council workers, group ticket (min. 10 people), under 25, over 65.


People with disabilities, performing arts professionals.

Institutions and companies under new agreements.

These discounts do not apply to the Paralelo programme and film screenings.
Free entry for carers or companions of people with disabilities.

COVID-19 preventive measures

The return to TMP has been carefully planned, safeguarding the proper safety measures. We are aware the desire to return to public spaces, theatres and the discovery that can only be carried out when sharing the same physical space must take place with every precaution and ensuring the necessary safety regulations. As you return to Rivoli and Campo Alegre, you’ll find two theatres that are fully equipped and prepared to welcome audiences, artists and teams in the best possible way.

COVID-19 preventive measures:

Always wear your mask.
Hand sanitiser gel available.
Keep a safe distance (2 metres).
Keep to your right.
Do not exceed room capacity.
Take your assigned seat.
Avoid using lifts.
At the end of the performance, await guidance from ushers.