TMP Café

On the third floor of the Teatro Rivoli, and with a privileged view over Praça D. João I, you will find Café Rivoli, one of the most versatile and modern spaces in the city. Opened on April 28th, 2017, this space arises from the need for a place where visitors to the Theater could relax before and after a show. With capacity for more than 60 people, it is open to those who simply want to make a light meal, have a coffee or a glass of wine. With a varied menu, with lunch menus and brunches during the weekend, this is a space characterized by a minimalist decoration, signed by the architecture studio Cirurgias Urbanas.


tuesday — friday
12:00 — 19:00*
saturday — sunday
12:00 — 16:00*

*On show days, it remains open 1h post-event.


Soup + Plate + Drink of the day: 8.50€

menu January 31 — February 3 (pdf)

Buffet: 15€

menu (pdf)

BOOKING: 911 119 862

© José Caldeira/TMP