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Ciclo Sete Anos Sete Peças

Cláudia Dias / Sete Anos

Terça-feira: Tudo o que é sólido dissolve-se no ar





In the second instalment of the Sete Anos Sete Peças [Seven Years Seven Pieces] project, Cláudia Dias draws inspiration from Osvaldo Cavandoli’s cartoon universe. On stage, Cláudia Dias and Luca Bellezze put together a visual narrative, using a line to tell the story of a ten-year-old boy whose grandparents were first expelled from Palestine and then Lebanon, and who travels from Syria to Italy. At a time when dividing lines, frontiers, barriers, front lines and lines of sight of military conflicts, rows and identification lines concerning the plight of refugees, the maritime borders, and the hard-lines of radical factions within political and religious organisations are on the agenda, Cláudia Dias and Luca Bellezze work (on) a unifying line capable of bringing together that which is apart.  

Cláudia Dias (Lisboa, 1972) did her dance training at Academia Almadense, the Lisbon Dance Company and Forum Dança. She attended the master’s degree in scenic arts at the Nova University of Lisbon. She was a member of the Almada Dance Group and of the Ninho de Víboras collective. She worked with RE.AL, having played a key role in João Fiadeiro’s creative strategy and in the development, systemisation, and conveying of the real-time composition technique. She holds choreographic composition and real-time composition workshops on a regular basis. She created the pieces One Woman Show, Visita Guiada [Guided Tour], Das Coisas nascem Coisas [Out of Things, Things Are Born], Vontade de ter Vontade [Willingness to Will] and Nem tudo o que dizemos tem de ser feito nem tudo o que fazemos tem de ser ditto [Not Everything We Say Has to Be None nor Does Everything We Do Has to Be Said]. She is currently working on the project Sete Anos Sete Peças [Seven Years Seven Pieces].





© Alípio Padilha

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Campo AlegreStage Auditorium


Aditional info

  • Price 9€
    Duration 50min
    Age rating 12+

Author's bio text

Ficha Técnica

  • Concept and artistic Cláudia Dias
    Guest artist Luca Bellezze
    Text Cláudia Dias
    Performers Cláudia Dias, Luca Bellezze
    Artistic assitance Karas
    Follow-up Jorge Louraço Figueira
    Lighting design Thomas Walgrave
    Technical direction Nuno Borda de Água
    Production on tour Pé de Cabra
    Acknowledgments Ângelo Alves, Anselmo Dias, Ilda Figueiredo, José Goulão, Jorge Cadima, Paulo Costa
    Co-production Teatro Municipal do Porto, Maria Matos Teatro Municipal

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