Festival Porta-Jazz

10th edition

The 10th edition of the Porta-Jazz Festival celebrates 10 years of operation of the Porta-Jazz movement. Since 2010, it gathers the most prominent and active jazz musicians from this generation living in Porto, and it promotes their collaborations with musicians originating from other Portuguese and European cities both at home and abroad. Between February 7 and 9, 2020, a spirit of celebration will invade the whole building of Teatro Rivoli. An intense programme will occupy both the small and great auditoriums, the under stage, Café Rivoli, foyer and hallways, intersecting musicians, audience and international promoters, who will share the best that the Porto jazz community has to offer in a party atmosphere. There will be 15 concerts, jam sessions, workshops, a meeting between music schools and plenty of other activities. The programme will confirm the pivotal role the Porta-Jazz Association has in stimulating the Porto jazz community, which has granted it national and international recognition.