Crossing the Line

Criatório, Campo de Batalha & Mostra Estufa

What do two performers looking for a new language, two visual artists working on a path to the sacred and two female choreographers translating a publication that cannot be taken home have in common? And what about a female director who decides to show her film in the editing stage? Furthermore, what does all of this have to do with an itinerary of new (the emphasis is on new) circus projects? Apparently, they have nothing in common. It is tempting tocategorise, classify and sort narratives, looking for the slightest order. We know that it is in the nature of human thinking to put that logical, disciplinary sense in place by disciplining it. But the strength of contemporaneity is to accept it as untameable as it is.
In one way or another, all these works bring along a certain indiscipline. They question, experiment and fracture what belongs to the realm of dance, theatre, poetry, cinema or circus, risking the uniqueness of their ideas as young artists of their time. They confound us, and they may even mess up, but they force us to reposition ourselves in the game. Falling into a more comfortable hybridism seems to be the road less travelled. “Pisar o Risco” [Crossing the line] means four days to bring together lab performances that are the result of three programmes: Criatório, Campo de Batalha and Mostra Estufa. Rivoli and Campo Alegre provide the ecosystem so that they may find balance in that risk with delicate boldness.

Joint ticket Pisar o Risco (Campo de Batalha + Criatório, except Clara Amaral's performance) 7.00€
Single ticket Campo Batalha e Criatório's performance 2.50€
Mostra Estufa ticket 7.50€