Closed until date to be announced

Closed until date to be announced
Given the state of pandemic declared by the WHO, the advances of the epidemic dynamics and the nationwide state of alert pronounced today, we believe that in the current mitigation phase we must increase the measures that effectively add to this purpose.

To that end Teatro Municipal do Porto has closed until date to be announced.

O reembolso dos bilhetes adquiridos para os espetáculos compreendidos entre março e julho de 2020 está de momento cancelado, por Decreto-Lei n.º 10-I/2020. No entanto, os mesmos poderão ser utilizados aquando do reagendamento destas atividades, cujas datas serão entretanto anunciadas.

Those who have purchased tickets for the performances taking place during this period, and expect reimbursement or to change their tickets for other performances of the current season, must proceed as follows:
- for tickets purchased at the ticket offices of Rivoli and Campo Alegre, send an e-mail to with those same tickets and proof of IBAN, requesting their reimbursement or change;
- for tickets purchased through BOL, send an e-mail to;
- for tickets purchased at FNAC, El Corte Inglés, CTT or Worten, contact those entities.

Teatro Municipal do Porto will further honour its previous financial commitments to the workers and collaborators hired for the period of time in question. It should also be stressed that we will pull out all the stops to ensure that the performances and activities programmed for this period are rescheduled in coordination with the artists and companies involved and where possible.

TMP is thus fully committed to honour its contractual obligations and the expenses actually incurred up to now by the companies and artists affected by this cancellation as much as possible.

Teatro Municipal do Porto regrets the current situation, hoping everything returns to normal as soon as possible with a sense of union and mutual assistance among the entire community in a collective effort to overcome the delicate moment that is being experienced around world.

These measures enter into effect on March 14 and will remain in force until Abril 9 without prejudice to reassessment as warranted, according to the Porto City Council order number 19269/2020/CMP.