Patrícia Portela [New dates - Vesalius


Paralelo Programme

12 Sat 19.00h 13 Sun 17.00h

Teatro Campo Alegre

 2.50€ (children and school groups) ou 7.00€ (adults) • 1.00h • >12

Patrícia Portela [New dates

Boas memórias

with Leonardo Simões & Irmã Lúcia
In the scope of Foco Famílias 2020
Patrícia Portela [New dates - Vesalius


After catastrophe, separation, loss or abandonment, good memories can always take us by surprise in the most unexpected moments, triggered by a flavour, a melody, a play or a story, and awake in us some recognition, a memory, a long-forgotten landscape, a smile. However, in the same way a place, a moment, an action carries us to distant lands and people, the first time we meet a city, its inhabitants and its features or exceptions, we experience contradictory feelings of being welcomed and longing, of near future and ancient past, of somehow returning home even if it’s the exact opposite of what we used to call home. We shall start from these impressions of Porto from the point of view of someone who has just arrived or has always lived there to build these other Boas Memórias [Good Memories], which in a way also build the city without belonging to one single tradition, nationality or place. Wandering through Porto through the eyes of a foreigner or through the stories of an expert (be it a distinguished historian or the oldest inhabitant), through the one living there against his will and building his own private world in dialogue with the ways of the city, or through the one who arrived chasing a loved one, we shall chart a Porto of impressions over its architecture and geography, inviting the whole world to its cathedral or its table, picturing, groping, tasting the manifold cities sinking into it, dying in it, but also being reborn and metamorphosing within it. Culture (theatre, music, literature and gastronomy alike), more than a belonging, is a journey. It is an encounter. Patrícia Portela and Leonardo Simões invite a team of experts in several kinds of longing to come together for eight months and join them as they uncover and recreate an unheard-of Porto that will belong to the Boas Memórias of whoever comes and shares it and participates in the installation-performance-banquet. – Patrícia Portela

PATRÍCIA PORTELA (1974) creates performances and literary works, living between Portugal and Belgium. She studied stage design (Lisbon), space dramaturgy (Utrecht and Antwerp), film (Ebeltoft) and philosophy (Leuven). Known both at home and abroad for her unique works, she collected several awards, of which she highlights the Madalena de Azeredo Perdigão/Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation Award for Flatland I (2005) and the Theatre in the Decade Award for Wasteband (2003). She made the shortlist of the 2015 Media Art Sonae Award with the installation Parasomnia, which is still touring the world. She was the first literary grantee at the Portuguese Embassy in Berlin, Germany, in 2016, and she writes chronicles for the newspaper Jornal de Letras since 2017.

LEONARDO RIBEIRO SIMÕES was born in Viseu, in 1964. In 1985, he joined the Lisbon Theatre and Film School to study film. He completed his bachelor’s degree in 1990, and started working as a freelance camera assistant in film productions. His first feature as a cinematographer came in 2002 with Antes que o Tempo Mude, by Luís Fonseca. In 2007, he completed a degree in scriptwriting. He worked as cinematographer or cameraman with artists from different fields—theatre, video art, music video, documentary film and fiction film. He highlights the collaborations with film directors Pedro Costa, Pedro Caldas, Joaquim Sapinho and Vítor Gonçalves, artists João Onofre, Vasco Araújo, Jemima Stehli and Stan Douglas, and theatre director Patrícia Portela.
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    Patrícia Portela
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Approach Programme to Performing Arts

This programme, implemented by Teatro Municipal do Porto, develops and presents a variety of proposals linked to the programme and for all audiences. It thus puts forward a series of actions taking place at Rivoli and Campo Alegre, ranging from performances to workshops, from encounters to long term projects, from talks to guided tours. Given that one of its main purposes is mediation, it is crucial to focus on the variety of existing audiences, as well as on the fostering of an active, critical participation that enhances reflection upon the performing arts, and a close and constructive relation to their creators. While it offers performances and activities specifically meant for schools and families on a monthly basis, Paralelo also provides other audiences with the chance to regularly and jointly approach performing arts with different proposals and approaches.

PROGRAMME 2019/2020

Performances for School Groups and Families

They are presented under the Programa Paralelo, performances that target children, young people and families. These performances also have sessions for school groups.
Patrícia Portela [New dates

Patrícia Portela [New datesBoas memórias

Paralelo Programme
12 Sat 19.00h 13 Sun 17.00h
Teatro Campo Alegre


Workshops & Masterclasses

These are practical activities that bring together national and international creators who present their work at Teatro Municipal do Porto and the several audiences (students, professionals, curious people with or without experience) of different age groups. They foster a better understanding of the work we present here, of the parties involved and of the creative process as a whole. Each workshop or master class is €2.50, or free upon presentation of ticket for the corresponding performance.

Aquecimento Paralelo

Once a month, this workshop challenges the spectators to try a given performance’s idea or movement out right before watching it. It not only enables a brief approach to different languages, it also allows all those who participate in it (with or without experience) to relate to the performances in a way that is rather different than the usual. Each Paralelo Warm Up is 2.50€, or free upon presentation of ticket for the corresponding performance.


Based on the season’s performances, the main topic is performing arts, and everyone is invited to the conversation, which is first and foremost meant to be participatory and enriching. These encounters promote a wide-ranging debate on a specific topic, vary in length, and may take place at the Theatre, schools or unconventional places.

Post-performance talks

This season, we challenged three guests to moderate these talks. Every now and then, someone from Teatro Municipal do Porto’s programming team or some other guest may take on that role. The post-performance talk doesn’t last long (around half an hour), and its goal is to engage directly with the artists and to get closer to the basic ideas and processes behind the piece that has just been presented and about which we’d like to know more.

Ongoing projects

Every year we have undertaken a long term project, always with specific groups of participants. The projects can focus on different artistic fields, and they allow for a continuing practice over several months. They also encourage sharing among the group, and raising awareness and acknowledgement that performing arts can and must be for all. This season’s long term project, “O Amigo Secreto” [The Secret Friend], challenges and questions the holders of the Teatro Municipal do Porto’s Friend Card on the concept of “friendship” and on what it means, after all, to be friends with a theatre.

Spectator workshop

Aged 8 to 13
We propose to this group to watch, together, the performances presented under the Parallel. After each work, Tomás Carneiro, of Public Philosophy, challenges them to question and to discover the various looks that the Performative Arts make possible

Aged 14 to 18
This will be a place to discover, reflect and share. Starting from the different proposed performances, we try to construct a joint critical thought, a result of the individuality of each one. It is intended to start from the experience of Angela Diaz Quintela to propose challenges, influence and be influenced by the natural transformation of thought. Provide a space of constant questioning and openness, losing the fear of not liking or not perceiving, thus recognizing the importance that this place has for the various artistic areas.

Older than 18 
Once a month, this group attends a performance of the Teatro Municipal do Porto. After the performance, Tomás Carneiro, from Philosophy, proposes an informal conversation. The challenge is for everyone to have the opportunity to question and be questioned, to discover (or not) other perspectives, and, above all, to be able to share.

Duration: once a month from October 2019 to July 2020. Tickets to the performances 2.50€. To apply for one of the groups or for further information, e-mail us at:


Twenty Minutes

“Twenty Minutes” is a Teatro Municipal do Porto project taking place during the 2018/2019 school year and involving final-year students at one of Porto’s following art schools: ACE – School of Arts; balleteatro; ESAP – Porto Higher School of Art, and ESMAE – School of Music and Performing Arts. Its main goal is to present new creations developed and performed exclusively by students. 

Guided tours

The Teatro Municipal do Porto opens the doors of its two poles, Rivoli and Campo Alegre, in order to unveil its frames. A guided tour that intends to make known these two Theaters, but also the work that is developed here and the team that works in them.

11.00h — 12.30h


Catarina Mesquita (Production) 
Vanessa Freitas (Technical department) 


Francisco Teles (Technical department)

Marina Freitas (Production)


Minimum 6 and maximum 25 participants 
Registration for

Aside from the dates mentioned, there is also the possibility of organising group tours.
This service may be provided at request upon prior application to
Appointing the visit is contingent on the availability of the teams and on the theatre’s activities.
Translation in English, French and Portuguese Sign Language may be provided whenever requested.

For further information

Solidary dress rehearsals

This initiative proposes that the general rehearsal of a particular performance or artist be promoted to the benefit of social solidarity institutions through the transfer of tickets, which the institution in turn makes available to its members and the public at symbolic values. The amount raised goes entirely to the institutions.

For further information