ANDRÉ MURRAÇAS - Foto © André Murraças

Foto © André Murraças

87th Anniversary Teatro Rivoli

SAT 20 JAN ⁄ 3PM & 6:00PM

RIVOLI Small Auditorium




ANDRÉ MURRAÇAS - Foto © André Murraças

Foto © André Murraças

“Coro” [Choir] is a musical about and with the employees of Teatro Municipal do Porto. Who are the people behind the curtain, under the stage, at the entrance of the Theatre? What are the lives of those who help us watch the performances like? 
For a few months, director and dramatist André Murraças talked with employees from all areas at Teatro Rivoli, from the cleaning crew to the ticket office — people who are much more than their jobs. Those employees were then challenged to be their own characters — to play themselves — in a performance that talks about them and through them. The end result is a musical whose text and songs are based on their lives. It is time for them to be the stars and shine. Some dance, some sing, and some are too shy for the stage and thus our leading actor is in charge of presenting them. The Theatre celebrates its birthday, and there’s no better way to celebrate the people who are a part of its structure.

Welcome to our musical. Well, sort of a musical. Nearly a musical. 

André Murraças was born in 1976. He has a degree in scenic design from the Lisbon Theatre and Film School. He was the director, dramatist and set designer of “O criado”, “Fantasmas”, “Santos e pecadores”, “Teatro noir”, “Sex  zombie – A vida de Veronica Lake”, “Hollywood”, “One night only – uma rádio-conferência”, “Um marido ideal”, “Pour homme”, “Swingers”, “As peças amorosas”and “As palavras são o meu negócio”, in which he also performed. He was also the director, writer and set designer of the plays “Império”, “Coro”, “50. Orlando, ouve”, “Os pássaros”, “Cândida – uma história portuguesa”, “Três homens sós”, “Film noir”and “Os inconvenientes”. He wrote the texts “Miss Portugal”, “Todas as noites a mesma noite” and “O espelho do narciso gordo”. He won the Theatre in the Decade Award, and was the Portuguese representative at the Biennial of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean in the fields of theatre and literature. He is the author and director of the web series “Barba Rija”.
Direction, text and set design André Murraças
Music Carlos Meireles
Lyrics André Murraças
Actor André Lacerda
Teatro Municipal do Porto actors Glória Ribeiro, Luísa Fernandes, Sofia Baptista, João Pedro Vilaça, Francisco Choupina, Tereza Vila
Light Design André Murraças
Production coordinator Cristina Correia
Produced by Um Marido Ideal
Approximate length: 1h