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Carlos Azeredo Mesquita

Über Alles





Über Alles explores the trite, universal nature of modern nationalism, which has infiltrated our daily life in the shape of small symbols and speech habits that define the notion of “us”.
Using national anthems as a starting point, we analyse both history and stories, and iconographic and sociological elements. We reflect upon the role these songs play in the building of the nation’s mythology and in the inclusion and exclusion dynamics associated with this process.
Who are these “heroes of the sea” who will “once again today” raise “the splendour of Portugal”? Must “the distinguished forefathers” who enslaved entire nations be the ones who continue to represent the notion of being Portuguese? After all, who is really part of such “noble people”?
— Carlos Azeredo Mesquita

Carlos Azeredo Mesquita is a visual and performance artist. He studied graphic design at the University of Porto and photography at the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design in Budapest. His first stage creation, Diet Plan for the Western Man, premiered at the Berlin Biennale 2018. With Luísa Saraiva he co-created I Know it when I See it, in 2019. He has been showing his work regularly both in Portugal and abroad.

© Bruno Simão

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Info sobre horário e bilhetes





Campo AlegreCafé-Teatro


Aditional info

  • Price 7€ (performance) / 14€ (Double Trouble #03 joint ticket)
    Duration 3:00
    Age recommendation 16+
    Additional information Durational performance, with no intermission. The public can circulate freely among the performers

    Programme (pdf)

Author's bio text

Ficha Técnica

  • Artistic direction and research Carlos Azeredo Mesquita
    Creation support Luísa Saraiva
    Dramaturgy Yasmina Reggad
    Co-creation and performance Ángela Diaz Quintela, Fabíola, Lea Taragona, Luísa Saraiva
    Musical co-creation Francisco Antão, Lea Taragona, Julius Gabriel
    Sound operation Francisco Antão
    Costumes (horse hooves) Alcides Rodrigues
    Executive production Maria João Santos
    Co-production Teatro Municipal do Porto
    Creation programme O Espaço do Tempo, with the support of BPI / Fundação ”la Caixa”
    Artistic residencies O Espaço do Tempo, Circolando
    Support BoCA, DGARTES – Direcção-Geral das Artes, MAAT
    Thanks to Gil Fortuna, José Carlos e Pastelaria Moinho Novo (Tentúgal), Centro de Formação Profissional do Calçado de São João da Madeira, João Costa, Sérgio Coutinho, Mala Voadora

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