87th Anniversary Teatro Rivoli

SAT 20 JAN ⁄ 11:00PM

RIVOLI Understage

10,00EUR • 12yrs+  



Em parceria com Matéria Prima

In the scope of this celebration, we promote the dialogue between two of the best domestic examples representing music and graphic arts. The aim is to create a sensory expedition across the sound and visual universe. Gala Drop will play their music against a backdrop of works created by Oficina Arara exclusively for this occasion. 
In the last ten years, Portuguese music has been able to come up with some proposals with enough intensity to strike the more attentive ears, be it inside or outside the Iberia Peninsula. Gala Drop present themselves as one of the soundest examples of the new Portuguese generation able to thrill audiences with opposing demands. With a melodic origin, with nothing more than a synthesiser and a guitar (Nelson Gomes and Tiago Miranda), the duo became a trio when drummer Afonso Simões agreed to enrich Gala Drop’s sound with rhythmic energy. They usually take inspiration from Lee Perry, Arthur Russell, Jon Hassell or Can for their themes. There’s always room to expand the band’s line-up — they were joined by Guilherme Gonçalves in the guitar, Tiago Miranda left, bass player Rui Dâmaso came in, and there was even time to flirt with American percussionist Jerry the Cat. As far as visual creation is concerned, Portugal has also been taking a leading foothold on the walls of the new urban landscape. A new reinterpretation of the classic methods of artistic reproduction led to rekindle enthusiasm for the silkscreen, and Oficina Arara is currently one of the Portuguese references in this technique. Its seven members ensure a steady output of visual imagery that, same as the macaw [arara] with its eye-catching colours, won’t go unnoticed in the artistic jungle.