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Het Houten Huis & Nordland Visual Theatre

Ik... eh ik [Eu... ah eu]



National premiere



I… um I
For everyone who’s ever at odds with themselves.
Lately, I have been overly concerned with myself. This morning I left home on time, but once outside it became apparent that I was still partially lying in bed. When I returned home that evening, the part of me I’d left behind had blocked the door. Through the window I saw him running around the house. It was a mess: the computer’s letters had been stuffed inside the refrigerator, fish were swimming among the houseplants and my dirty linen had been aired in public. When I pointed this out, he denied everything and quickly slipped into the painting down the hall. Now I’m hiding under the bed. The lamp’s swaying back and forth and I can hear the clock ticking louder and louder... — Het Houten Huis





Colour photo. Inside a very very small house, a performer, with his body inclined, speaks on a wall phone.

© Moon Saris

Colour photo. Inside the small house, a giant fish eats the bills that are on the table. The fish is observed by the performer, amazed, trapped inside an aquarium.

© Moon Saris

Colour photo. The small house seen from above or maybe from the side. The performer walks down its stairs . The small house seems to spin like a wheel.

© Moon Saris

Colour photo. Portrait of an interpreter submerged with his head inside a small transparent house.

© Nordland Visual Theatre

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Campo AlegreAuditorium


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Author's bio text

Het Houten Huis [‘The Wooden House’, tr.] is the visual music-theatre company from the North of the Netherlands. The house is a symbol of life, which squeaks and creaks sometimes and where an unexpected guest can drop by. They’re always sawing and sanding stories, imagination and musicality. In the daytime they perform for schools, from infants to adolescents, but in the evening they perform for grown-ups who leave the theatre with the same disbelief. Emotion and fantasy know no bounds...

Nordland Visual Theatre (NVT/Figurteatret i Nordland). Is located in Stamsund, in the Lofoten archipelago in Norway..Nordland Visual Theatre plays a key role in developing and promoting visual theatre in Norway. Its creations range from traditional puppet theatre to cross-over productions, merging elements from the visual arts, theatre, mime, dance and multimedia. This is done in collaboration with puppeteers, actors, directors, stage designers, composers and artists from all over the world.

Ficha Técnica

  • Direction and script
    Elien van den Hoek

    Musical composition and play
    Martin Franke

    Set design and building
    Douwe Hibma

    Props and decor finish
    Marlies Schot

    Costumes, fish and head
    Freja Roelofs, André Kok

    Lighting design
    Desirée van Gelderen

    Assistant director
    Zoscha van Erkel

    Preben Faye-Schøll, Loes van der Pligt, David van Griethuysen, Maarten Smit

  • Technique
    Tjarko van Heese, Gerrit Schilp, Tomas van Schelven, Roy Vermeer

    Backstage and play
    Daan Hamel, Yannick Greweldinger (understudy)

    Martijn Schrier

    Technical advice music
    Frank Wienk

    Magical advice
    Woedy Woet

    Het Houten Huis

    Team photos
    Moon Saris/Anne Harbers

    Het Houten Huis and Nordland Visual Theatre  

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