JOCLÉCIO AZEVEDO - © Direitos Reservados

© Direitos Reservados


Fri 11 May / 7:00PM


7,50EUR • 12YRS+  



Premiere ⁄ Coproduction

JOCLÉCIO AZEVEDO - © Direitos Reservados

© Direitos Reservados

Writing, describing and rewriting endless versions of each event. 
 "Documentário" [Documentary] is a choreographic piece for six performers around a chaotic score reflecting the tension between the need and the inability to understand present time. The world we think we know dissociates into new social configurations, into new strategies of political and economic domination. Reality is neither capable of being framed nor transparent. In certain cases, one can’t draw a distinction between reality and the fictionalregimes with which we’re confronted daily. Pieces of the world make themselves visible in the uncontrollable traffic of images that haunt us even in your dreams. The seeming proximity that the access to new technologies and ways of interacting in the digital world suggests masks our inability to deal with the other, a fetish subject of constant fantasy and widespread fear. We swing back and forth between unfounded belief and distrust as a principle. The same images recur in various media with different protagonists in an ongoing fight for attention. One can see how the other is rejected in the way collective imagery is standardised and colonised, and in the way misunderstanding, deception and prejudice spread. Writing thus becomes combat, an inconvenience and an exercise of power. — Joclécio Azevedo

Joclécio Azevedo • He has lived in Porto since 1990. His works cross several artistic fields, but he has been focusing more intensely on choreographic creation since 1999. He was the artistic director of the Choreographic Experimentation Nucleus between 2006 and 2011. He is a member of the plenary board and of the board of trustees at the GDA Foundation since 2010. He has been a part of the ͞Resident artist͟project at the cultural association Circular in Vila do Conde since 2012. In2016, he collaborated with the specialisation course in performance at the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Porto (FBAUP) as a visiting assistant professor. He is a collaborating member at the Research Institute in Art, Design and Society (i2ADS – FBAUP).