87th Anniversary Teatro Rivoli

SAT 20 JAN ⁄ FROM 12:00PM TO 4:00AM

RIVOLI Foyer of the Grand Auditorium

Free Entry • 6yrs+ 


Soará a silêncio, o som de uma revolução dentro de um Bunker?

Installation ⁄ Performance
[Will a revolution sound like silence inside a bunker?] is an installation that comprises several elements, which the performers will activate at scheduled times, extending this action to the audience. 
History shows that protest is inherent to us and necessary for moving forward. Social media were decisive in the way the revolutions and protests that marked recent world history unfolded. But were they more successful because of it? We use social media as new tools and places that enable expression and protest, but can those actions be heard through the thick walls of the bunker? The present time is more and more a mediation between physical and digital existence. The voice on the streets seemingly gave way to the post on the web. This piece presents a reflection on whether it is still possible to make revolutions, in view of the changes introduced by the digital revolution in society and in communication, and in view of the isolationism carried out by the states. Should it be possible, what form must it take? And will that revolution sound like silence from inside the bunker? “Soará a silêncio, o som de uma revolução dentro de um bunker?”

Maria Trabulo (Porto, 1989) is a visual artist living and working between Porto and Vienna. She has been artistically active since 2010, with regular solo and group exhibitions in Portugal and abroad. Her work has been recognised internationally, and she has taken part in several publications and on-line spaces, as well as conferences and artistic residencies. In addition, throughout her career Maria has collaborated in art, architecture and performing art projects with other creators. She is a founding member of several artist-run projects in the city of Porto since 2012. 
Text, installation and conceived by Maria Trabulo
With the participation of Olinda Favas, Ana Mula, Xavier Paes, Ana Amorim, Gil Monteverde, Inês Quente, Thais Guimarães, Clara Forte, Helena Ferreira e Grupo Sintoma
Acknowledgements Mato Lagator, Jérémy Pajeanc, Rita Castro Neves